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Alan Furst was born on February 20, 1941. in New York City. Furst wrote magazine articles for Esquire and the International Herald Tribune before he decided to write full time. Furst writes spy novels about the second world and just before. His series 'Night Soldiers' is a case in point. The Polish Officer is the third book in the series. Furst received the Helmerich Award from the Tulsa Library Trust for distinguished work in 2011.

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The Polish Officer

The Polish Officer

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Book Review:

1939 Warsaw has fallen to the Wehrmacht. Captain Alexander de Milja is given the task of hiding the gold reserves of the country from the enemy. There are many tricky scenariios that Milja must face if he is to achieve his task.

Book Condition:
Good Clean Copy
Phoenix Paperback 2005 Reprint
Book Weight: 300g

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Fiction Novel
ISBN 0753818140

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