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Alex Higgins (1949 - 2010) was a professional snooker player from Northern Ireland. Alex Higgins won the World Snooker Championship twice (1972 and 1982) He was nicknamed 'The Hurricane' because of his quick, no fuss style of play. Higgins won 20 major titles, including his 2 World Championships and the UK he won in 1983 and his two Masters victories in 1978 and 1981.
With these wins he is one of just nine players who have won the Triple Crown Alex Through the Looking Glass is his story in his own words, published in 1987.

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Alex Through the Looking Glass

Alex Through the Looking Glass

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Book Review:

Alex Higgins, the phenomenon. Fiery, charismatic, a time-bomb of nervous energy. This autobiogaphy takes you through Alex's tempestous life from his hustling days as a teenager through his time at the peak of his and The game.

Book Condition:
Very slight wear to covers otherwise Very Good Copy
Sphere Paperback 1987 Reprint
Book Weight: 123g

Book Type:
ISBN 0722148496

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