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Andre Norton was born on February 17, 1912, in Cleveland, Ohio, USA, and died on March 17, 2005 in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, USA. Norton wrote science fiction and fantasy novels and series of books. Three Against the Witch World is the third part of the Witch World : Estcarp Cycle trilogy.

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Three Against the Witch World

Three Against the Witch World

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Book Review:

For the sons of Simon Tregarth the only hope was exile. After they challenged the Council of Witches all the power of Estcarp`s magic would be against them. So the three had to go East to a land long since forgotten and kept so by the Witches.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
GSF Paperback 1987
Book Weight: 103g

ISBN 0575039981

Book Type:
Science Fiction Series: Witch World : Estcarp Cycle #3

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