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Andrew Boyle was a born in Dundee, Scotland on May 27, 1919. He was educated in Aberdeen and at the University of Paris, France. Boyle played an active part in Britain's military effort in the Far East during the Second World War The Climate of Treason exposed Anthony Blunt as the 'Fourth Man' in the Cambridge Five Soviet Spy Ring. Andrew Boyle died on April 22, 1991.

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The Climate of Treason

The Climate of Treason

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Book Review:

Reads like a spy novel but portrays the goings on of four upper-class Cambridge-educated Englishmen worked for Russia and betrayed their country.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers otherwise God Copy
Coronet Paperback 1980 Reprint
Book Weight: 345g

ISBN 0340255722

Book Type:
True Crime

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