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Aurelio Peccei

Aurelio Peccei was born on July 4, 1908 in Turin, Italy and died on March 14,1984 in Rome, Italy. Aurelio Peccei was an industrialist and a philanthropologist who attracted widespread attention as he co-authored 'The Limits of Growth' a report from the Club of Rome. This report set out to predict the effect humanity was having on the world's resources. One Hundred Pages For The Future is an attempt to preempt the conclusions of the Limits of Growth report.

Aurelio Peccei Books

One Hundred Pages For The Future

One Hundred Pages For The Future

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Book Review:

Aurelio Peccei has written this book to show that humanity can emerge from its present global crisis and build, almost literally, the future it deserves. That was true in 1981 when this boook was written and it is still true now. Aurelio Peccei has shown optimism and this is what we need now, more than ever.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and corners torn off 2 pages text good Reading Copy
Futura Paperback 1982 Reprint
Book Weight: 124g

ISBN 0708821650

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