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Bernhard Schlink

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Bernhard Schlink was born on July 6, 1944 in Grobdenberg in Germany. He is the acclaimed author of The Reader The Reader was adapted into a film starring Kate Winslet and Ralph Fiennes

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The Reader

The Reader

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Book Review:

Michael Berg has has an affair with an older woman, but has put it behind him. He becomes a law student and on one of his routine visits to the courts as an observer he is osmewhat surprised to find his erstwhile lover in the dock. Michael is baffled by the evidence until it all seems to fall into place. His former lover is not at all what she seems or seemed.

Book Condition:
Very slight wear to covers otherwise Very Good Copy
Phoenix Paperback 2003 Reprint
Book Weight: 215g

Book Type:
ISBN 0753804700

Bernhard Schlink Books


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