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Bruce Arnold was born in London, England in September 1936, but has lived in Ireland since 1957. Arnold has been an art critic and a journalist. He was also the subject of phone tapping during the 1980s. This brought him into conflict with the then Taoiseach, Charles Haughey Arnold was to write about Haughey in Charles Haughry - His Life and Unlucky Deeds. A Singer at the Wedding is Arnold's first novel.

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A Singer at the Wedding

A Singer at the Wedding

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Book Review:

This boy is a soloist in the choir singing at a winter wedding. He is in the process of discovering himself and the world when events take a huge jump and throw him into confusion.

Book Condition:
Some wear and tear A piece cut out of the DW.Inscription 2nd page otherwise Good Reader
Hamish Hamilton Hardback 1978 1st Edition
Book Weight: 390g

ISBN 0241898250

Book Type:
Irish Fiction

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