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Charles Morgan was an English playwright and novelist who was born on January 22, 1894, and died on February 6, 1958. Charles Morgan wrote mainly about Art, love and death. In The Judge's Story Morgan added the conflict between good and evil to the score.

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The Judge's Story

The Judge's Story

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Book Review:

Judge Severidge was particular about the little things. They made all the difference, he thought. But just when his focus was on his autobiography, he became embroiled in the affairs of a young couple. He wasn't to know it but this business would scupper his long awaited launch of his book and change him in ways he could never have expected. Jilly Cooper picked The Judge's Story as one the Top 10 Romantic Novels

Book Condition:
No Dw Slight wear to covers and browning to edges otherwise Good Copy
Macmillan Hardback 1947 1st Edition
Book Weight: 270g


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Romance Fiction

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