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Chet Williamson

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Chet Williamson was born on June 19, 1948 in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, United States. He is an author of horror fiction science fiction and suspense novels.
Chet Williamson is also renown for his short stories which have appeared in many magazines such as Esquie, The New Yorker and Playboy.
Dreamthorp is a horror novel from 1989.

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Book Review:

Chet Williamson Dreamthorp
A sleepy little Pennsylvania resort town where city folks can get away from it all. A town where a woman who saw her best friend mutilated by a crazed sex killer can hide- and forget ..until haunter relics of another age awaken an ancient evil and unleash a human horror that has no place outside Hell...

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Avon Paperback 1989
Book Weight: 195g

Book Type:
Horror Fiction
ISBN 0380756692

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