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Constantin Stanislavski

Constantin Stanislavski was an outstanding character actor who held great acclaim as one of the leading theatre proucers of his day.
Constantin was born in Moscow, Russia an January 17, 1863 and died in Moscow on August 7, 1938.

Constantin Stanislavski Books

My Life in Art

My Life in Art

Picture of My Life in Art Cover Book Review:
Constantin Stanislavski - My Life in ArtNumerous books have been publishd about Stanislavski- as a person of remarkable stature,
as a great actor and director and as a formulator of a method of creating character which actors and other artists have found a touchstone to vitality
and success-but nothing has been written about him as revealing as his own expression of his ideas and experience in this outstanding autobiography.

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Some wear to covers. Written notes 2nd page otherwise Good Copy
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Constantin Stanislavski Books

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