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Daniel Defoe

Daniel Defoe was born in Cripplegate, London, England circa 1660, and died on April 24, 1731. Defoe is most famous for writing Robinson Crusoe but he has written over 500 books and pamphlets. These were not all fiction as Defoe had multiple interests. Robinson Crusoe is credited, however, with being the first of the English novels to be published. Defoe was instrumental in promoting the novel in England and he was both prolific and wide ranging in his subject matter. Moll Flanders is an example of Defoe's ability to be ahead of his time as he writes about a woman who takes charge of her own life, albeit in a very controvertial way.

Daniel Defoe Books

Moll Flanders

Moll Flanders

Picture of Moll Flanders Cover Book Review:
Daniel Defoe - Moll Flanders
This is the story of a woman who has learned that to prosper you have to be outside the law.
This book highlights the seamier side of England in the 18th century.

Book Condition:
Dust Wrapper a bit torn Text Good.Good Reading Copy
Hamish Hamilton Hardback 1947
Book Weight: 198g
Book Type:
Classic Fiction

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Daniel Defoe Books

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