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David Evanier is the author of nine books. Making the Wiseguys Weep is about Jimmy Roselli, who resisted the Mafia and paid the price by failing to get the support he deserved. David Evanier has received the Aga Khan Fiction Prize and the McGinnis-Ritchie Short Fiction Award. A founding member of the literary magazine, 'Event', Evanier is at present writing the biography of Woody Allen.

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Making the Wiseguys Weep

Making the Wiseguys Weep

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Book Review:

This is the story of Jimmy Roselli and his resistence to the control of the Mafia.

Book Condition:
Some warping and markings due to damp Text good Good Reading Copy
Methuen Paperback 2002
Book Weight: 245g

Book Type:
Music Book
ISBN 0413740706

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