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David Guterson was born on May 4, 1956. Guterson is an author of novels, short stories and plays. He is also a journalist and an essayist. His most well known work is Snow Falling on Cedars Guterson was a teacher for ten years. During this tme he was successful in getting stories published in small magazines. It was his third novel, Snow Falling on Cedars whichbrought him success on an International stage, selling more than four million copies.

David Guterson Books

East of the Mountains

East of the Mountains

Picture of East of the Mountains Book Cover

Book Review:

Ben Givens has discovered that he has cancer. He decides he wants to take his two dogs and do what he lioked best. To hunt. As he headed out West he made another discovery, that life is so worthwhile living for the moment.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Vintage Paperback 2003 Reprint
Book Weight: 235g

ISBN 1400032652

Book Type:
Fiction Novel

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David Guterson Books

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