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On This Day - December 13

Literary and Innovative People
A celebration of writers and writing on this day through history.
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Events through the years on December 13

Picture of R A MacAvoy

1949 Roberta Ann MacAvoy is an American author of fantasy novels and series of novels. Roberta was born on December 3, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. R A MacAvoy has won many awards for her works, including the John W Campbell "Best New Author" in 1984. Winter of the Wolf is the third book in the Lens of the World trilogy.

Picture of Mary Ann Shaffer

1934 Mary Ann Shaffer was born on December 13, 1934 and died on February 16, 2008. Mary is best known for her novel, Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society which was publisher after her death and was written with her niece, Annie Barrows.

Picture of Laurens Van Der Post

1906 Laurens Van Der Post was born on December 13, 1906 and died on December 16, 1996. Laurens Van Der Post was many things but foremost in his heart was nature and the environment. He conducted many expeditions in various parts of Africa, at the behest of his new found friends in London. Venture to the Interior describes one of these trips.

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