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Emlyn Williams

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Emlyn Williams was an author, an actor and a director. He has written or co-written 20 screenplays. Three of his plays were performed on Broadway. Williams also worked with Alfred Hitchcock. Williams wrote 20 plays, works of fiction and has been prolific up to his death. Probably his most famous book was his Beyond Belief telling the story of the Moors Murderers

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Beyond Belief

Book Type:
True Crime: Moors Murderers
ISBN 033002889

Beyond Belief

Book Review:

Two different kinds of evil coalesced into one murderous, sadistic team. The deeds were premeditated to the extreme and carried out almost casually.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers otherwise Good Copy
Pan Paperback 1968 Reprint
Book Weight: 200g

Emlyn Williams Books

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