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Eric Kotani, real name Yoji Kondo, was born in Japan in 1933 He is an astrophysist and teacher who writes science fiction under the name Eric Kotana A close friend of Robert A Heinlein, Kondo edited atarquiem:New Collected Works by Robert A Heinlein after Heinlein died in 1988 Death of a Neutron Star is a Star Trek Voyager novel.

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Death of a Neutron Star

Death of a Neutron Star

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Book Review:

Captain Kathryn has been asked to allow an alien scientist to join the investigation of a suspected precious discovery. This soon becomes a lot more complicated than first envisaged and the fate of countless civilizations depend on how it is dealt with.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Pocket Paperback 1999
Book Weight: 140g

ISBN 0671004255

Book Type:
Science Fiction Series:Star Trek

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