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Fergal Keane is a respected correspondents working for the BBC. Fergal Keans has worked in Northern Ireland, South Africa, Asia and the Balkans, all areas of a volatile nature during his stints there. He has been awarded a BAFTA and won Reporter of the Year, both on television and radio. Season of Blood won the George Orwell Prize. A Stranger's Eye is a look at Britain from the eyes of a foreigner.

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A Stranger's Eye

A Stranger's Eye

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Fergal Keane is a BBC Foreign Correspondent of good n events in such places as Having spent years abroad reporting on current events in such places as South Africa, Asia and the Balkans, Keane undertoook a journey through Britain. This was for a programme called Forgotten Britain.

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In Very Good Condition
Viking Hardback 2000 First Edition
Book Weight: 496g

ISBN 0670888397

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Fergal Keane Books

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