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Francis Brabazon

Francis Brabazon was born in London, but moved with his family to Australia in his youth. In his quest for truth Francis became interested in Eastern Spirituality studying Baron Friedrich von Frankenberg's teachings. After meeting Meher Baba, Brabazon was very influenced by him and published a tribute to him. The East-West Gathering.

Francis Brabazon Books

The East-West Gathering

The East-West Gathering

Picture of The East-West Gathering Book Cover Book Review:
Francis Brabazon - The East-West Gathering
This is Francis Brabazon's tribute to Meher Baba who was a major influence on his life.

Book Condition:
Some damage to dustwrapper and flyleaf. Text Good
Meher House Publications Hardback 1968 Reprint
Book Weight: 220g
Book Type:
ISBN n/a

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Francis Brabazon Books

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