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Francis King was born in Adelboden, Switzerland on March 24, 1923 and died on July 3, 2011. Francis King was an English novelist and short story writer. Francis King was the chief book reviewer for the Daily Telegraph for 25 years and went on to be their theatre critic for a further 10 years. Waves Behind the Boat was published in 1967.

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Waves Behind the Boat

Waves Behind the Boat

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Book Review:

In a remote corner of Japan, an Englishwoman is drowned by a freak tidal wave. Bill, a young university lecturer, and his wife, Mary are asked by the Consul to identify the body.

Book Condition: Some wear to covers and slight spotting to some pages otherwise Good Copy
Arrow Paperback 1975 Reprint
Book Weight: 118g

Book Type:
ISBN0 099105306

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