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Frank O'Connor

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Frank O'Connor was born into a fractous world. When he was growing up there was the Uprising in Dublin. Everywhere around him was unusual activity and unusual people. His interest in writing must have been honed by the numerous people he met, not to mention all the scrapes he got himself into. Frank O'Connor was released from prison at the age of twenty in 1923, An Only Child is his telling the story of his early years.

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An Only Child

An Only Child

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Book Review:

This is the story of a short story writer in the making. Frank O'Connor became a very successful writer of short stories becausee he had a wealth of experience to pick from. An aray of characters that would be hard to resist depicting on paper. If you had the mind to. And Frank certainly had a mind to.

Book Condition:
Creasing and wear to covers and browning to edges Reading Copy
Pan Paperback 1971 Reprint
Book Weight: 120g

ISBN 0330024450

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