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Fred Saberhagen.was born on May 18, 1930 and died on June 29, 2007. Saberhagen was a writer of Fantasy Fiction novels and Fantasy Series. After serving in the army, Saberhagen worked for the Motorola Corporation as an electronics technician. Starting with short stories send to magazines, Fred grew in confidence. He went to work for Encyclopedia Britannica, where he produced articles on chemistry. His most famous work is Berserker, but he has published a series of books called Book of the Lost Swords, in the Fantasy genre. Woundhealer's Story is the first book in that series.

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Woundhealer's Story

Woundhealer's Story

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Book Review:

Woundhealer is the Sword of Healing, and is said to be held at the White Temple. Mark, Prince Consort of Tasavalta, seeks it to help his son regain his sight. But Barron Aminator and the evil wizard Burslam are also intent on gaining the Sword, at any cost.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers otherwise Good Reading Copy
Futura Paperback 1988 Reprint
Book Weight: 168g

Book Type:
Fantasy Series: Book of the Lost Swords 1
ISBN 0708882765

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