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G K Chesterton was an author, philosopher, theologian, thinker and more than anything else, a man of his time. He had the ability to intake the current climate and reproduce it in a form quinntessential to its surroundings. You may not agree with his findings, but you would understand that his findings were come about through energetic research and contemplation. There was no shortcuts performed here. Just the conscientious efforts to find resolutions to situations. It is G K Chesterton's honesty that is the most praiseworthy element of his work. Orthodoxy is one of G K Chesterton's most well-known works.

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G K Chesterton writes in his inimitible way about his philosophy of life.

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No Dust Jacket Otherwise Good Reader
Bodley Head Hardback 1949 Reprint
Book Weight: 310g


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