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Irish Setters

Irish Setters

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Book Review:

Gilbert Leighton-Boyce received an Irish Setter puppy when he was still a schoolboy in 1929. Since then he has had a life-long affection and devotion to this particular breed of dog. He has become an expert in the maintaintenance of the dog and there is very little that he does not know about them. Irish Setters is the gathering of Gilbert's experience with his much loved pet, and his further experience in breeding prize dogs. Short chapters on the history of the breed of dog are followed by chapters packed with valuable information on choosing, rearing, training and breeding, with professional hints on grooming for showing.

Book Condition:
Inscriptions on flyleaf otherwise Good Copy
Arthur Barker Hardback 1973 1st Edition
Book Weight: 250g


Book Type:
Petcare Book

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