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Guy Gavriel Kay

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Guy Gavriel Kay is a Canadian fantasy writer. Kay was born on November 7, 1954. Because Kay's books tend to be situated in particular places, around particular times, his fiction has been classified as 'historical fantasy'. Kay himself, would not like this generalisation, but having novels based in Constantinople in the time of Justinian, would seem to fit the pattern. Sailing to Sarantium is the first book in the Sarantine Mosaic series.

Guy Gavriel Kay Books

Sailing to Sarantium

Sailing to Sarantium

Picture of Sailing to Sarantium Book Cover

Book Review:

The Sarantine Empire is beset by enemies. Into this maelstrom steps Crispin, a master mosaicist who will find danger anddeath on his quest.

Book Condition:
Some creasing and wear to covers otherwise Good Reader
Earthlight Paperback 1999 Reprint
Book Weight: 243g

Book Type:
Fantasy Series: Sarantine Mosaic #1
ISBN 0671021931

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