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Jack Rudloe

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Jack Rudloe was born on February 17, 1943. Jack Rudloe dropped out of college and drifted, literally on the waters of Florida's coastline. He started gathering marine specimens as a means of getting money. He became fascinated by the colour and variety of marine life. This brought him to study marine biology in all its facets and how to preserve specimens. Thus his business grew and he became more interested and more knowledgeable. The Sea Brings Forth is Rudloe's account of his journey from college drop out to successful marine biologist. It is also the story of a determination to succeed.

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The Sea Brings Forth

The Sea Brings Forth

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The Sea Brings Forth

Book Review:

In the Sea Brings Forth, Jack Rudloe writes of his experiences with enthusiasm and humour and a vivid sense of the colour AND fascination of marine life.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to DW Otherwise In Very Good Condition
Macdonald Hardback 1968 First UK Printing
Book Weight: 560g

Book Type:
Environment & Nature
ISBN 35612383X

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