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Jean M Auel is a fantasy fiction writer best known for her Earth's Children series. This series delves into prehistoric Europe where Cro-Magnon man confronted the Neanderthals. The series is about their interractions. Auel undertook extensive research to write the first book. Her research to almost three years and included joining a survival course to learn survival skills. The Mammoth Hunters(1985) was the first Hardback with a first printing of more than 1 million coopies. The Plains of Passage followed in 1990 and The Land of Painted Caves concluded the six part epic.

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The Plains of Passage

The Plains of Passage

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Book Review:

Ayla and Jondalar set out to trek across a continent to reach the Cro=Magnon settlement. Only there can they find refuge. But in between there are many dangers and threats.

Book Condition:
Good Clean Copy
Coronet Paperback 2002
Book Weight: 495g

Book Type:
Fantasy Series
Earth's Children 4
ISBN 034082445X

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