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Jed Rubenfeld was born in Washington DC, USA in 1959. He is also a Professor of Law at Yale Law He concentrates on constitutional law, privacy and the first amendment. Rubenfeld has had two successful novels, The Interpretation of Murder his debut, and The Death Instinct. He has collaborated with Amy Chua(his wife) on The Triple Package, a non fiction book about cultural groups in the USA. The Richard and Judy Best Read of the Year Best Book nominee (2007) : The Interpretation of Murder

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The Interpretation of Murder

The Interpretation of Murder

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Book Review:

Two women are found dead in their homes and a third found bound and gagged. She has no memory or her ordeal but Freud, and his assistant feel they can get 'into her head' to recover what she went through.

Book Condition:
Slight Warping Otherwise Good Copy
Headline Review Paperback 2007
Book Weight: 395g

ISBN 978075331420

Book Type:
Crime Fiction

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