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John Masters was born on October 26, 1914 and died on May 7, 1983. Masters was an officer in the British army before taking up writing as a career. The subjects of his novels were mainly the British Occupation of India and how this affected the British soldiers and families there. Bhowani Junction is about the birth of modern India.

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Bhowani Junction

Bhowani Junction

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Book Review:

This novel portrays brilliantly the atmosphere surrounding the birth of modern India. This is John Master's most famous novel. It was adapted for film starring Ava Gardner. It deals with the partition of India and the Anglo-Indian community.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and browning to edges otherwise Good Reading Copy
Sphere Paperback 1988 Reprint
Book Weight: 228g

Book Type:
Fiction Novel
ISBN 0722158742

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