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John Rankine was born in Flintshire in Wales on September 26, 1918 and died in Bristol on August 6, 2013. Rankine was an author of science fiction novels who also used the pseodonym Douglas R. Mason. While at the University of Manchester he struck up a friendship with Anthony Burgess. John Rankine contributed five novels to the Space 1999 series of books which were televised. Lunar Attack is the 5th book in that series.

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Lunar Attack

Lunar Attack

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Book Review:

Hurled from her ancient orbit by a nuclear holocaust,the moon had become an interstellar wanderer. In their search for a new home planet, the personnel of Moon Base Alpha must now explore every possibility, no matter how bizarre or dangerous it might appear.

Book Condition:
Some wear and spotting to pages Reading Copy
Futura Paperback 1975
Book Weight: 100g

ISBN 0860078752

Book Type:
Science Fiction

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