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Literary and Innovative People On This Day - June 1
Global Day of the Parent

A celebration of writers and writing on this day through history.

Also featuring events and discoveries throughout the years


Picture of Thomas Berry

Thomas Berry

Thomas Berry was born in 1914 in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA and died on June 1st 2009. Berry was a cultural historian and an anthropologist. He was also a profound religious thinker. He had read the Chinese, Hindu and Buddhist classics and went to China as a missionary, but had to leave when the Communist system took over. Thomas Bery believed that our religious beliefs are too closely related to our own wellbeing and survival to the detriment of our natural surroundings. "Religion is absorbed with the pathos of the human." The Dream of the Earth deals with our connectedness to the world we live in.


Picture of William Manchester

William Manchester

William Manchester was born on April 1. 1922 and died on June 1, 2004. Manchester was an author and historian. After John F Kennedy had been killed the Kennedy commissioned William Manchester to write a book about the assassination. The Death os a President A World Lit Only By Fire is about the collapse of the Dark Ages, and shows Manchester's depth of creativity and compassion in his writing.


Picture of Colleen McCullough

Colleen McCullough

Colleen McCullough was an Australian author born on June 1, 1937 and died on January 29, 2015, McCullough wrote two series of books, Masters of Rome and Carmine Delmonico, but it is for The Thorn Birds that she is best known for.


Picture of John Masefield

John Masefield

John Masefield was born on June 1, 1878 and died on May 12, 1967. John Masefield was a dramatist and poet. He was the poet lauriet for the United Kingdom from 1930 until he died in 1967. Daffodil Fields is a one of his earliest poems

Authors to have made their mark on June 1


1978 Matthew Hittinger, American poet and author
1951 Lola Young, Baroness Young of Hornsey, English actress and author
1950 Michael McDowell, American author and screenwriter d. 1999
1948 Joe Andrew, English author and academic
1945 Kerry Vincent, Australian chef and author
1923 Barry Till, English priest, author, and academic d. 2013
1912 Herbert Tichy, Austrian geologist, author, and mountaineer d. 1987
1908 Julie Campbell Tatham, American author d. 1999
1889 James Daugherty, American author, illustrator, and painter d. 1974
1770 Friedrich Laun, German author d. 1849


2014 Jay Lake, American author b. 1964
2013 Bill Gunston, English pilot and author b. 1927
1968 Helen Keller, American author and activist b. 1880
1959 Sax Rohmer, English author b. 1883
1954 Martin Andersen Nexo, Danish-German journalist and author b. 1869
1941 Hugh Walpole, New Zealand-English author b. 1884
1938 Odon von Horvath, Croatian-French author and playwright b. 1901
1625 Honore d'Urfe, French author and poet b. 1568

Other events through the years on June 1


Cars in Netherlands must have seatbelts


Tobacco advertising is banned on Canadian radio and TV


Helen Keller, who earned a college degree despite being blind and deaf most of her life, died in Westport, Conn.


Picture of Norma Jean Book Cover

Marilyn Monroe, the film actress and American icon, was born.


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