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Leslie Charteris

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Leslie Charteris was an American/English author of adventure stories. His most well known protagonist is The Saint, of which there were 43 books. along with these there was the British TV series which popularised the Saint. These shows were loosely based on Charteris's short stories. There were also episodes which were written by other people but credited to Charteris. The Saint in Trouble is one of these novels.

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The Saint in Trouble

The Saint in Trouble

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Book Review:

The brain drain, solar energy and international terrorism are three aspects of modern-day life that present the Saint with some particularly thorny problems in these two adventures.

Book Condition:
Ex Library and signs of damage where ticked has been removed. Tape marks where Dw is held in place Text Good Good Reading Copy
Hodder and Stoughton Hardback 1978
Book Weight: 345g

ISBN 0340234385

Book Type:
Crime Fiction

Leslie Charteris Books

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