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Lorna Gibb was born in Lanarkshire, Scotland. Lorna lectures at Middlesex University on Creative Writing. She has written several books, mainly biographies. Her most recent book is West's World, a biography or Rebecca West. Lady Hester is a biography of Lady Hester Stanhope, the achaeologist.

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Lady Hester

Lady Hester

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Book Review:

Lady Hester Lucy Stanhope revolutionised archaeology with her use of textual sources was innovative in its time and her excavation in Ashkelon was considered the first moders excavation in Holy Land archaeology. This is her story.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Faber & Faber Paperback 2005
Book Weight: 255g

ISBN 0571217540

Book Type:
Biography: Lady Hester Stanhope, the achaeologis

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