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Marc Alexander

Writing as Mark Ronson

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Mark Alexander was a poet, a novelist and a photographer. He wrote a number of his books under the name Marc Ronson, including The Dark Domain His family emirated to New Zealand when he was a child. Growing up there he was influenced by his surroundings and this is evident in his books. He returned to England and worked for newspapers and agazines before his death at age 90.

Marc Alexander Books

The Dark Domain

The Dark Domain

Book Review:

Martin Winter and the Auber twins meet and become friends quickly. They part and when they meet again as adults the bond is still there. Martin is to discover the secrets behind the bond which he had not understood and which were to make him question his very existence.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and spotting to edges Good Reading Copy
Hamlyn Paperback 1985 Reprint
Book Weight: 210g

Book Type:
Fiction Novel
ISBN 0099370506

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