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Margaret Truman was born on February 17, 1924, and died on January 28, 2008. Margaret Truman was the daughter of U.S. Ptrsident Harry S Truman. She was a singer before she started writing books. Mystery novels and particularly her series of books named Capital Crimes were her forte. This is a series of crime novels set in places around a Capitol City, like the Supreme Court, Capital Hill etc. Murder at the National Cathedral is the tenth book in the series.

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Murder at the National Cathedral

Murder at the National Cathedral

Picture of Murder at the National Cathedral Book Cover

Book Review:

A body is found in the National Cathedral close to where Mac Smith and Annabel Reed were married. A parallel crime is committed in the Cotswolds in England. Enter an unholy web of intrigue and terror.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and brownng to some pages otherwise Good Reader
Fawcett Paperback 1992
Book Weight: 172g

Book Type:
Crime Fiction
ISBN 0449219399

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