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Margery Fish

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Margery Fish was a novice when she started in her interest of gardening. But she knew what she wanted. She had to wait until her husband, Walter, died in 1947 to commmit herself to achieve her plans for the garden. She was very influential in Garden Cottage design. Margery designed and built a cottage garden in East Lambrook Manor in Somerset, and it has Grade 1 listed status. You could not get better advice on best plants for your garden than in her books. Ground Cover Plants is a testament to the fact. Margery Fish was born on August 5,892 and died on March 24, 1969.

Margery Fish Books

Ground Cover Plants

Ground Cover Plants

Picture of Ground Cover Plants Book Cover

Book Review:

Margery Fish Ground Cover Plants
This book offers the best advice for particular porposes. It is an invaluable aid for people who want to keep their gardens attractive at all times of the year with the minimum of effort.

Book Condition:
Very Good In Good Dw 305g
Garden Book Club Edition
Book Weight:305g
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ISBN n/a

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Margery Fish Books

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