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Noelle Harrison was born in London in 1967. Noelle attended the University of London. She moved to Ireland in 1991. She formed a theatre company, Aurora, and wrote and produced 3 stage plays. She was shortlisted for numerous short story awards. Her first novel, Beatrice, was published in 2004. Noelle Harrison has written two trilogies, Valentina and Desires Unlocked, using the pseudonym Evie Blake.

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Book Review:

A young woman disappears leaving a few belongings. The effect on her family is devastation. Her sister was too young to understand, but her mother hid in silence and her father took to drink. Many years later another young woman seems to appear out of nowhere and stirs memories.

Book Condition:
Slight wear to covers and browning to edges Good Copy
Gill & MacMillan Paperback 2005
Book Weight: 240g

Book Type:
ISBN 0717138062

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