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On This Day - October 28

Literary and Innovative People
A celebration of writers and writing on this day through history.
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International Animation Day (ASIFA)

Events through the years on October 28

Picture of John F Kennedy

1962 US President John F Kennedy welcomes Russia's announcement that it will dismantle its missiles based in Cuba.

Picture of Mark Haddon

1962 Mark Haddon was born on September 26, 1962 in Northampton, England. Haddon is a novelist and a poet. His most famous novel is The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Picture of Ernest Hemingway

1954 Nobel Prize for Literature is awarded to Ernest Hemingway.

Picture of Simon Brett

1945 Simon Brett writes detective series and novels and has worked for the BBC and London Weekend Television. Simon Brett was born on October 28, 1945 in Worcester Park, Sutton, Greater London,England. Brett now spends most of his time concentrating on his writing career. He has produced four series of crime fiction: Charles Paris, Mrs Pargeter, Fethering and Blotto, Twinks. There are also many stand alone novels. Murder in the Museum is the fourth book in the Fethering series.

Picture of Francis Bacon

1909 Francis Bacon, Irish painter, was born

Picture of Evelyn Waugh

1903 Evelyn Waugh was born in West Hampstead on October 28, 1903 and died on April 10, 1966 in Combe Florey,Somerset, England. Evelyn Waugh was a novelist, short story writer, biographer and travel writer. Waugh was educated at Hertford College, Oxford. Waugh quickly became popular with his satyrical comedies, such as Decline and Fall and A Handful of Dust. Unconditional Surrender is the third part of the Sword of Honour trilogy.

Picture of Gulliver's Travels

1726 The novel Gulliver's Travels is published by Benjamin Motte in London.

Picture of Harvard College

1636 Harvard College was founded.


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