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Paul Levy was born in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States in February 1941. He now lives with his family in London and Oxfordshire. Levy is credited with part-authorship of the term 'foodie'. Along with his food writings he is an experet on Lytton Strachey having written three boks on him The Feast of Christmas is Levy's substantial contribution on Christmas.

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The Feast of Christmas

The Feast of Christmas

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Book Review:

With colour plates throughout and and full recipe list for Christmas this book is a must for the culinery enthusiasist who wants everything just right for the day. Great historical articles accompany the recipes.

Book Condition:
Some staining and warping on top corner otherwise Good Reading Copy
Kyle Cathie Paperback Large Format 1992
Book Weight: 510g

ISBN 1856260712

Book Type:
Food and Drink: Christmas

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