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Philip Gross was born in Delabole in the United Kingdom in 1952. Philip Gross writes stories for young and old. He writes poetry. While living in Bristol, Gross had his breakthrough with the publishing of his first book, 'The Song of Gail and Fludd'. He teaches creative writing. Gross has won awards for his poetry: the T.S. Eliot Prize for 'The Water Table' 'Plex' and Transformer are Point Horror stories for young adults.

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Book Review:

Alia is changing. She is no the person she was. There's something different about her. She's sharper, fiercer, more intense. Emod has noticed and he's scarwed.

Book Condition:
Very slight damage to back cover Otherwise Good Copy
Scholastic Paperback 1996
Book Weight: 130g
ISBN 0590133829
Book Type:
Young Adult Novel

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