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Priscilla Johnson McMillan

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Priscilla Johnson McMillan has been a journalist and author of political books. She has been in contact with the CIA on severl occasions due to her trips to the Soviet Union. After Joh F Kennedy's asassination she befriended Marina Oswold and spent 13 years researching her book before its publication in 1977. Marina and Lee is the result of that research. She had previously interviewed Lee Harvey Oswold for several hours in 1959.

Priscilla Johnson McMillan Books

Marina and Lee

Marina and Lee

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Book Review:

They met at a dance in Minsk in 1961. After they married, he beat her. The night she attempted suicide they had the best sex of their marriage. Marina admired President Kennedy. Lee shot him.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers otherwise Good Reading Copy
Bantam Paperback 1978
Book Weight: 328g

ISBN 0553119567

Book Type:
Biography: Assassination of President Kennedy

Priscilla Johnson McMillan Books

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