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Roberta Ann MacAvoy is an American author of fantasy novels and series of novels. Roberta was born on December 3, 1949 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States. R A MacAvoy has won many awards for her works, including the John W Campbell "Best New Author" in 1984. Winter of the Wolf is the third book in the Lens of the World trilogy.

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Winter of the Wolf


Winter of the Wolf

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Book Review:

WINTER OF THE WOLF is the third volume of the memoirs of Nazhurst of Sordaling. Heis the only hope for Velonya but when the words of his first memoir are taken as gospel this hope seems outrageously misplaced, to Nazhurst at least.

Book Condition:
Very Good in slightly worn DW
Headline Hardback 1993 First Edition
Book Weight: 448g

ISBN 0747206686

Book Type:
Fantasy Fiction Series: Memoirs of Nazhurst of Sordaling #3

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