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Richard Kell

Richard Kell was born in Cork, Ireland, in 1927. He spent five years in India, and on his return Richard went into education. After graduating he became Senior Lecturer in English at Newcastle-Upon-Tyne-Polytechnic. He was poetry reviewer for the Guardian and the Criticak Survey. In 1963 he left his job as Lecturer to concentrate on his creative work which included musical works. In Praise of Warmth is a collection of his work.

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In Praise of Warmth

In Praise of Warmth

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Book Review:

This is a collection of poetry from one of the finest poets to come out of Ireland.

Book Condition:
In Very Good Condition
Dedalus Paperback 1987
Book Weight: 140g

Book Type:
Inspirational Poetry
ISBN 0948268204

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