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Robert Coover

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Robert Coover was born in Charles Cuty, Iowa, USA on February 4, 1932. Robert Coover is an American novelist and short story writer. In 1968 Coover signed the 'Writers and Editors War Tax Protest' in protest at the Vietnam War. Coover writes short stories and novels interspersed with mythology, fantasy which border on realiy without becoming absurd.

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Pricksongs and Descants

Pricksongs and Descants

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Book Review:

Setting up reality against illusion, Robert Coover bewilders us with startling images and comparisons to make us shudder.


Book Condition:
Some wear to covers and brownning to edges otherwise Goosd Reading Copy
Picador Paperback 1971
Book Weight: 175g

Book Type:
Fiction: Short Stories
ISBN 0330234455

Robert Coover Books

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