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Robert O'Riordan

Robert O'Riordan was born in Canada in 1943. O'Riordan was a teacher at the Sir Robert Borden High School in Ottawa, Canada. Cadre Messiah is the third part of his best known work, The Cadre Trilogy..

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Cadre Messiah

Cadre Messiah

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Book Review:

As a young man, Pol Tyrees was the toughest of the Cadre, the elite police force who mercilessly kept the law in the Regnum.Now two Seers have been murdered and an enemy is on the loose. Pol must find the killer, a traitor whose power matches his own.

Book Condition:
Some wear to covers + hole-punchued in cover otherwise Good Copy
Ace Paperback 1988 1st Edition
Book Weight: 115g

Book Type:
Science Fiction
ISBN 0441090168

Robert O'Riordan Books

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