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Robert Swindells

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Robert Swindells has had a variety of jobs. He started as a Copyholder in a local newspaper. From there he served in the RAF for three years. After that he worked as a clerk, an engineer and a printer. He finally settled into teaching until he took up writing, which he now does full-time.

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Nightmare Stairs

Nightmare Stairs

Picture of Nightmare Stairs Book Cover

Book Review:

Kirsty has a recurring nightmare, of falling downstairs. She discovers that her grangma died from falling down stairs. Delving into this she finds a secret that is very terrible indeed.

Book Condition:
Corgi Yearling Paperback 1998 Reprint
Some wear to covers and slight damage to back covers otherwise Good Copy 140g

ISBN 0440863309

Book Type:
Children's Fiction

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