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Roderick MacLeish was a journalist and an author of fiction and non fiction books. Roderick MacLeish was news director for a number of radio stations including WBZ in Boston. MacLeish was born on January 15, 1926 in Pennsylvania and he died on July 1, 2006 in Washington DC. Prince Ombra is a Fantasy novel published in 1982.

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Prince Ombra

Prince Ombra

Book Review:

He is the lord of every mortal nightmare, creatof all cruelty and despair. A thousand times he has come to the worldC and countless heroes have battled him. Now a young boy with a twisted leg have taken up the cause.

Some wear to covers otherwise Good Reading Copy
Pan Paperback 1984 Reprint
Book Weight: 148g

Book Type:
Fantasy Fiction
ISBN 0330283707

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