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Rosa Nouchette Carey

Rosa Nouchette Carey was born in Bow in London, England on September 27, 1840. She died in Putney in London, England on July 9, 1909. Rosa Nouchette Carey published at least 41 novels in the vein of Jane Austen. Her books were very popular in the late nineteenth century and sold many copies. Her books were of the 'wholesume' kind which were in demand at the time. Nellie's Memories is her first novel.

Rosa Nouchette Carey Books

Nellie's Memories

Nellie's Memories

Picture of Nellies Memories Book Cover

Book Review:

Rosa Nouchette Carey Nellie's Memories
This debut novel came out of stories Rosa had told to her younger sister.
Designed to keep her on the straight and narrow
these stories were in keeping with the mood of the time and sold very many copies.

Book Condition:
Covers a bit worn Some Buckling Text Good Good for it`s age
Richard Bentley Hardback 1895
Book Weight:

Book Type:
Fiction Stories
ISBN n/a

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Rosa Nouchette Carey Books

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