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Sam Baneham

Sam Baneham is an Irish author who was born in 1947. Sam Baneham is mainly known for his dystopian novel, Cloud of Desolation
Sam Baneham also wrote a review of ‘Aidan Higgins: A Political Dimension’, in Review of Contemporary Fiction, 3.1 (Spring 1983), pp.168-74

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Sam Baneham Books

Cloud of Desolation

Cloud of Desolation

Book Review:

Sam Baneham Cloud of Desolation
The world created in CLOUD OF DESOLATION is not only creditable it is recognisable.
Here is fiction that in its accuracy of detail - political, institutional and personal - verges uncomfortably close to fact.

Book Condition:
Good in slightly worn DW
Wolfhound Press Hb 1982
Book Weight: 500g

Book Type:
Irish Science Fiction
ISBN 0905473868

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Sam Baneham Books

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