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Samuel Taylor Coleridge

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Samuel Taylor Coleridge was born on October 21, 1772 in Ottery Saint Mary in England and died on July 25, 1834 in Highgate, London, England. Coleridge was one of the two great poets (along with Wordsworth) of the English Romantic spirit. Coleridge had many problems, drug abuse, a failed marriage and his poetry suffered. But his earlier contributions made up edceedingly for later weaknesses. Golden Book of Coleridge is a collection of his best poetry.

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Books

Golden Book of Coleridge


Golden Book of Coleridge

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Book Review:

A collection of poetry and drama in the Everyman's Library

Book Condition:
Covers a bit worm and marked Reading Copy
E P Dutton & Company Hb 1914
Book Weight: 310g

Book Type:
ISBN n/a

Samuel Taylor Coleridge Books

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