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Sean O'Faolain

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Sean O'Faolain was born in Cork on February 22, 1900 and died in Dublin on April 20, 1991. O'Faolain was one of the most influential writers of his time in Ireland. He wrote novels, short stories and he was also a commentator and a critic. Heat of the Sun was published in 1966.

Sean O'Faolain Books

Heat of the Sun

Heat of the Sun

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Book Review:

The Irishman, adrift on the amoral world of Bohemian Paris, loving and hating his memories of Dublin.

Book Condition:
Wear to covers and damage to upper spine Reading Copy
Pan Papeback 1969 Reprint
Book Weight: 130g

Book Type:
Irish Fiction
ISBN 0330022881

Sean O'Faolain Books

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